Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Learned Today...Stanford's D School

Check out this great video of Stanford University's D School. One Workplace is very excited to have been a part of this awesome project! Read below for more information about the D School.

"Our community culture and personality are strongly embodied by our environment. As you walk around the, you'll notice a few things about the way we work. We're into modularity and adaptability. Most things around here are on casters so they can be readily repositioned. The walls are populated with whiteboards and other surfaces for capturing and sharing ideas. Informal team meeting spots abound, and more formal meeting rooms are abundant as well.

We see our space as a continual prototype to answer many questions: what type of space is best to bolster classroom learning? to support student teams? to foster collaboration? to enhance the student experience? and many more.

The use and manipulation of materials, ranging from walls to furniture, is evident throughout the new building. The architecture purposely exposes underlying material layers in the building to expose how it was constructed, a nod to the’s engineering roots. By building an infrastructure that encourages its community to quickly manipulate space to suit a purpose, the encourages students to acquire a mindfulness of how space can affect collaborative and creative work. Unlike classrooms that support only lecture-style teaching, the’s project-based, experiential classes beckon the creation of an adaptable space" (

To learn more, click here.

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