Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Inevitable Changes Coming to a Classroom Near You

As the world of tech continues to evolve, it follows that classrooms will need to change as well to not only keep up, but to support the needs of students. Edudemic put together a list of three changes that are coming to classrooms everywhere. Take a look and let us know if you've seen any of these changes already with your customers.

The Move From Print To Digital

The iPad shined a light on the digital print format like never before. And it’s never been the same since. Companies have sprouted up to support digital publishing, ePub conversion, and an array of other solutions. So what does ePub and the iPad mean for education in the coming years? It means students will soon expect their books to be delivered in under a minute, not a few days via FedEx. It means teachers will be able to write their own textbooks with relative ease. It means the role of technology will continue to soar as adoption of digital publishing continues in tandem.

Private Social Networks

If you take a look at what companies like Path are doing, it’s becoming quite apparent that the future of social networking will be smaller, more intimate, and less overwhelming. Companies like Edmodo are paving the way for this right now as they provide social networks for individual classrooms. This environment is more conducive to one-on-one learning, tutoring, and help in a controlled, safe environment.

Cheaper Everything

The education technology market is becoming white-hot and extremely competitive. When companies try to outdo each other, classrooms win. From the cost of buying textbooks, purchasing school supplies, and new-found love of technology, it’s clear that companies are starting to set their sites on the education vertical. By having more companies providing more options and products to teachers, the lower prices will become.

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