Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Desks You'll Never Find in a Classroom

School desks, like school itself, are ripe for innovation. recently showcased 10 desks that are ‘probably more interesting than yours’. Check out their page for the full list of desks.

1. Ball Pit Desks - While it might be fun to have a ball pit desk, you probably won’t find one in your classroom anytime soon.

2. Treadmill Desks - Perfect for work environments but probably not for classrooms. Imagine the noise with students constantly walking / running. Now imagine the insurance coverage you’ll need in case students fall off! Although you could likely skip recess with this option…

3. Bike Rack Desk - A great idea for officeworkers who need a place to stash their bike. But imagine how squirmy students would be after sitting on a bike seat for several hours each day!

4. Underwater Desk - The above photo was taken during a 2009 cabinet meeting held by the Maldives government to raise awareness of global warming.

5. Hooded Privacy Desk - This may actually be the most useful and innovative desk with a shot at making it into the classroom. It provides a ‘privacy hood’ that lets you pull it down for something like exams or to focus a bit better. However, there’s no telling how students could use something like this ‘privacy hood’ to not pay attention or cheat thanks to making it harder for teachers to see them.

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