Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Workplace and Project Frog

One Workplace and Steelcase are excited to annouce that we are collaborating with Project Frog!

Frog stands for: Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth. "Project Frog was founded on the notion that there is a smarter way to build. Regular construction, with few exceptions, has remained largely unchanged for centuries. While products may have improved in the last 100 years, the process to deliver a building is nearly identical. Project Frog is changing that.
Project Frog's revolutionary approach to building uases an easy to assemble kit-of-parts flexible for a wide range of uses. It’s comprised of a set of proprietary products integrated with best-in-class components from our partners, and results in bright, healthy, and inspiring spaces that are energy efficient, environmentally responsible, faster to build, and cost competitive.

By systematizing the kit, process and product delivery, Frog has introduced a level of precision never before achievable in construction. And this precision unlocks a world of unprecedented possibilities: through advanced performance modeling, we have achieved a level of understanding of how our buildings will perform, in any location. And this in turn allows owners to optimize a building kit to match their desired performance. Through high-tech fabrication of our components, our buildings are easy to install and are delivered on time and on budget" (

Project Frog has erected a Prototype Classroom Building at Pier 80 in San Francisco. The purpose of this building is to showcase their product and approach to deliver a 21st century learning environment. They asked us to provide our furniture and technology products to support the entire learning/teaching experience.

The products include: Cachet, Node, Groupwork, eno mobile interactive, PolyVision whiteboards and Huddleboards. We are looking forward to adding the new Verb and Vanerum Stelter Opti products in the future.

So far the groups that have been through the space have been extremely excited about  the innovative products that  are showcased!


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