Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Node Finds a Home at SJSU

The Institute for the Future recently hosted their annual Ten-Year Forecast event with 150 top executives from Fortune 100 companies. This year, they wanted to experiment with seating and audience design. At a recent visit to IDEO, they saw the Node chair and thought it would be perfect for their conference as they represent the future of modular event seating design.

Lisa Christensen and John Minnema delivered the chairs to the Institute for the Future - Palo Alto and met their neighbors Workspring. The excitement was building and everyone couldn't wait to get into their Nodes! According to Sara Skvirsky of the Institute for the Future, "everyone i raving about (the chairs). They are GREAT! We love them."

After just one-and-a-half days in use, the Node chairs needed a home. Trevor Croghan stepped in and was able to sell all 150 chairs to San Jose State University at a reduced price. 

Back and forth coordination was consuming. The order placed for 150 chairs on 3/29 had to arrive by 4/10, no small feat! The chairs arrived at 8:00 and everyone was happy. 

Thanks to the entire One Workplace and Steelcase for making this happen quickly and efficiently!

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