Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summit Public Schools

Recently, our education team has had the chance to work with Summit Public Schools, a group dedicated to putting students on the path to a four-year college education.

According to their website, "our mission, ambitious yet achievable, is to ensure that every student in Silicon Valley - from South San Francisco to San Jose - has the opportunity to not only attend, but succeed in, a four year college or university. While some students will select career paths or community colleges, the preparation for four-year college will help them avoid the academic and skill deficit that results from being placed in a non-college prep, high school diploma program. These children are our future and it is our responsibility as the public education system to prepare them to be active, productive citizens" (

Summit is a huge believer in 21st Century Learning and the active learning environment. They put an emphasis on space and how it can truly affect the student learning experience. They believe in group collaboration and uphold a vision far from traditional forms of teaching. Currently One Workplace is working on a large pilot space - a center room where multiple classes take place, with four classrooms on each corner. Each room has a different product, verb, node, etc. We will be gathering research and 'best practices' for what has been beneficial for them and their school. 

Check out some images below of the pilot space. Great job team!!

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